We have written several times about the AirTag being a practical device. But now a Slovak man has experienced a case where it saved his car. This story was reported on their Facebook page by the well-known group HAKA, which specializes in searching for stolen vehicles.

The founder of HAKA, Štefan Farkaš, posted a message from a member of the group describing his experience with the AirTag device, which protected his older Skoda Octavia 2 (edition 100) worth several thousand euros. Thieves also target such older models.

In his own words, the owner had experienced an attempted theft in the past, so he bought an AirTag device, which he hid in the vehicle. He later managed to find it within 15 minutes after the police arrived at the scene during a second theft attempt.

An ingenious trick to locate the vehicle and eventually the thieves 

AirTag v zľave
Zdroj: Unsplash / Mark Chan / Onur Binay (úprava redakcie)

The signal from the AirTag device propagates to virtually any iPhone that comes within a few metres of it. The anonymised data is then automatically sent to the Find network, which means the AirTag device doesn’t need GPS or a cellular connection, just Bluetooth LE. That’s exactly what proved advantageous in the latest case of car theft.

Of course, thieves are sophisticated, and even an AirTag device can give itself away over time by beeping loudly to signal that it is moving away from its owner, alerting a stranger to possible surveillance. Apple is fighting back against stalkers in this way.

However, it doesn’t happen right away, and if a thief steals a car, parks it somewhere, and doesn’t return to it after a few days (a common practice), they may not even notice the presence of the AirTag device.

The man whose car was saved by an AirTag device recommends that you also secure your car in this simple way. It can save you thousands of euros and the investment is really minimal. So what are you waiting for?

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