iPhone 12 s 5,4" displejom - svetapple.sk

iPhone 12 with 5.4-inch display – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

Apple will introduce the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in a few months. So we decided to focus on the...
iPhone 12 Navy Blue

iPhone 12 Pro “Navy Blue” – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

If you're watching what's happening around Apple, you already know the company is planning a new device that may come in another...
iPad Air 2020

iPad Air 2020 – an exclusive concept from the svetapple.sk editorial office

In 2020 we are expecting a lot of news from Apple. One of them is the all-new iPad Air, which will bring...
iPhone 12 Pro design svetapple.sk

iPhone 12 Pro design – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

Apple is already preparing the next iPhone 12/12 Pro, which will be available in September or October 2020. Its design is officially...

iPhone 12 Pro similar to iPad Pro 2020 – exclusive concept from svetapple.sk

In 2020, we are waiting for brand new iPhone 12 Pro. It should include LTE modem, new body shape and many other...
iPhone 12 Pro max no notch leak

Apple could remove notch already in iPhone 12 Pro. We have got a leak.

It seems that dreams of many people could become a reality. Nothing is certain, but from our source we managed to get...
iPhone 12 Pro design

Exclusive renders of iPhone 12 from svetapple.sk

Apple is already working hard to introduce its flagship successor, the iPhone 11 Pro. The device is expected in September, but it...
iPhone 2020

INFOGRAPHICS: What will the iPhone product line looks like in 2020?

In 2020 we will see many innovations, which should include eg. iPhone 9, iPhone 12 mini or new, 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro...
iPhone SE 2: How it will look? We made renders.

iPhone SE 2: How it will look? We made renders.

Apple is going to introduce a brand new iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9 (as some sources suggest) early this year, which...
macbook pro 13 2020

This is what the MacBook Pro 13″ will look like in 2020.

Apple will introduce the successor to the current MacBook Pro 13″ in 2020. This device should have much in common with the...


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