iPad mini 6. generácie (2021) - exkluzívne rendery od svetapple.sk

iPad mini 6th generation (2021) – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

iPad mini 6th generation (2021) and its design Recently, there has been a passionate discussion about what the next...
iPhone SE 3. generácie v podaní svetapple.sk

iPhone SE 3rd generation concept by svetapple.sk

Design based on the iPhone 12 mini Let's start with the design. The concept itself was designed to capture the...
iMac 2021 - svetapple.sk

iMac 2021 – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

Larger displays, thinner frames and rounded corners than the iPad There are several rumors...
iPhone 12 Pro a jeho dizajn

iPhone 12 Pro in various colors. Exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

New iPhone 12 Pro will be introduced in just few weeks from now. The device will showcase a completely new design, technology...
iPad Air 4. generácie - svetapple.sk

iPad Air 4th generation – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

New products are behind the doors and we have traditionally brought you exclusive visualisations of one of them. We've chosen the 4th...
iPhone 12 s 5,4" displejom - svetapple.sk

iPhone 12 with 5.4-inch display – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

Apple will introduce the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in a few months. So we decided to focus on the...
iPhone 12 Navy Blue

iPhone 12 Pro “Navy Blue” – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

If you're watching what's happening around Apple, you already know the company is planning a new device that may come in another...
iPad Air 2020

iPad Air 2020 – an exclusive concept from the svetapple.sk editorial office

In 2020 we are expecting a lot of news from Apple. One of them is the all-new iPad Air, which will bring...
iPhone 12 Pro design svetapple.sk

iPhone 12 Pro design – exclusive renders from svetapple.sk

Apple is already preparing the next iPhone 12/12 Pro, which will be available in September or October 2020. Its design is officially...

iPhone 12 Pro similar to iPad Pro 2020 – exclusive concept from svetapple.sk

In 2020, we are waiting for brand new iPhone 12 Pro. It should include LTE modem, new body shape and many other...


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