Apple is already preparing the next iPhone 12/12 Pro, which will be available in September or October 2020. Its design is officially unknown, but due to leaks we were able to figure out its likely look. That’s why we used all our possibilities to bring this design closer to you in our unique 3D visualizations.

iPhone 12 Pro – design

iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
The device will come with flat edges –

Apple will make major changes to the next generation of its smartphone. First of all it will be its shape. The company gets rid of the rounded edges and replaces with flat surfaces as it had the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. The materials used are the same as the iPhone 11 Pro. We are talking about stainless steel and frosted glass on the back.

Overall, it will look very luxurious. The structure should be slightly rounded in the „sharpest“ parts (similar to the iPad Pro). But when it comes to rounding the display or the rear window, Apple is likely to get rid of it. This will be better against potential damage in a fall.

iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
New iPhone will look more luxurious –

The new iPhone will by thinner by one millimeter, but Apple will redesign its battery to have the same capacity as the current generation. SIM card position should be a big change. This should move from left to right. The reason is a new connector that will be similar to the iPad Pro. All other controls should remain in an old way.

iPhone 12 Pro – camera

iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
Bigger camera lenses –

Camera should be slightly modified, compared to the current generation. Its thickness relative to the body of the device should grow slightly, but the lenses will stick out of the glass less than the iPhone 11 Pro. Overall, all lenses will be slightly larger than today and the LiDAR scanner will be in the lower right corner. The True Tone LED flash moves to the center and the microphone to the bottom of the camera module.

At the moment, it is not clear why Apple will enlarge the lens. However, we believe that the company is preparing larger chips with more megapixels.

iPhone 12 Pro design
iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
Bigger camera module –

iPhone 12 Pro – smaller notch

iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
Notch shuld be smaller –

Although much has been speculated that Apple might finally get rid of notch, it will not. According to the latest leaks, the company has decided to keep it, but will make several major changes to it, eliminating its dimensions to an absolute minimum.

First of all, it is moving the speaker to the top of the frame. We are now accustomed to the fact that the speaker is hidden directly in the viewport. It probably takes too much space and Apple wants to use it more efficiently. The camera should remain in its old position within the entire Face ID set. We rely on information shared by the renowned leaker, Jon Prosser.

iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
Sensors –

Finally, it is important to note that just by shrinking the notch and also the frames around the perimeter of the display will the new iPhone 12/12 Pro have a much better display to body ratio than its predecessor. It looks very attractive already in the renderings and we look forward to seeing it live in this form.

We assume the probability of design is 80%. If there are any changes, they should be minimal or cosmetic. What do you say? Tell us what you think about this design in the comments.

iPhone 12 Pro design
iPhone 12 Pro dizajn - exkluzívne od redakcie
iPhone 12 Pro – exclusive design from
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