Apple will introduce the successor to the current MacBook Pro 13″ in 2020. This device should have much in common with the MacBook Pro 16″, which was released only recently. Look at what it will look like.

This is what the MacBook Pro 13″ will look like in 2020.

If you are using a MacBook Pro 13″ and are planning to purchase a new device, we recommend that you wait a bit longer. Especially if you are among the people who appreciate a better keyboard. The new model will be just for you.

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We are not saying that the present generation is somehow bad, not at all. But we think that butterfly keyboard is simply not suitable for professional equipment. Its presence suits us more for MacBook Air 13″ or MacBook 12″.

macbook pro 13 2020
This may be 13-inch MacBook in 2020. Can you see separate ESC button and TouchID?

According to the latest information from Digitimes, the new 13″ Pro should be inspired by the MacBook Pro 16″ and offer an old-new „scissors“ keyboard. It will also include a separate “ESC” button, as well as a separate Touch ID or “reduced” arrows again.
Of course, there will also be higher performance with this device. Today, however, we do not dare to estimate the specifications more precisely. We still have time to introduce this product, so let’s be surprised by Apple.

When will Apple launch the new MacBook Pro 13 ″?

As we indicated in the title, Apple will not make it this year. Yet it is almost Christmas and Apple is about to maximize sales of current products. The new MacBook Pro 13″ will come next year.

Of course, a more accurate date is not officially announced, but Apple’s background leaks indicate that it could be around mid-2020. Specifically, the show would be released sometime in June during WWDC 2020. There may be one more unexpected change in the product name.

macbook pro 13 2020
This may be the new 13-inch MacBook Pro –

Just as the current MacBook Pro 16-inch has been renamed from the MacBook Pro 15-inch, something similar could happen with this smaller device. Apple could introduce the new 14-inch MacBook Pro to replace the existing 13-inch MacBook Pro.

What do you think about this? Would you like the new MacBook Pro 14″ with an old keyboard, a larger display and higher performance?

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