It seems that dreams of many people could become a reality. Nothing is certain, but from our source we managed to get to the leak capturing the iPhone 12 Pro. This is a pictogram of device design. If everything will come true, the notch could finally disappear.

iPhone 12 Pro max no notch leak
Apple could remove notch already in iPhone 12 Pro.

There has been much speculation about no-notch iPhone, but now it’s getting real contours. Just a few moments ago, we managed to get to the leak from the iOS 14 code (from an unnamed source, close to Apple), which shows the alleged scheme of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro, which will come in September.

In the picture, you can see a device that has sharp edges, a rough frame around the display and no notch. Overall, it reminds us quite iPad Pro.

As you may also notice, there is relatively enough space between the display and the top of the device. Probably it would be enough to fit all the sensors for Face ID.

iPhone 12 Pro max no notch leak
Apple could remove the notch already in the iPhone 12 according to this leak.

Well, if you find the frames around the OLED panel too thick, it has a reason. If you notice well, the device has absolutely no rounding (in the form of a stainless steel frame) on its sides.

If you take the current iPhone 11 Pro from the front, in fact, the thickness of the device at this point is very similar, we just don’t realize it. We also indicated this in the picture (green color).

iPhone 12 Pro max no notch leak
Apple iPhone 12 no-notch leak

The new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are still about half a year. If everything goes according to plan, Apple will introduce them in September 2020. We will see to what extent this information will be filled in the future. If the new iPhone will look like leaks, we will be very happy. And what about you?

iPhone 12 Pro max no notch leak
Apple iPhone 12 no-notch leak
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  1. Fake AF. Lol. FPT has the iOS 14 internal build and there is nowhere such a scheme. Plus, this image is from a stock website.
    Cancel your blog immediately.


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