Apple recently released a major update to iOS 17.4 that brings major changes for Europe under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). However, among other things, this update was also meant to fix bugs and flaws that users may have encountered in the previous version. Whether this has been achieved is questionable at this point in time.

In the past few days, several readers have informed us that their autocorrect text stopped working after the update, even though they have the feature fully enabled via Settings > General > Keyboards > Autocorrect.

Our tip for this problem was to hard reboot your iPhone, which you can do on individual models via this guide. And while we honestly thought that might solve the whole problem, unfortunately it didn’t and everything persists on.

The problem occurred on older models

Our readers and friends who alerted us to this bug were mostly using older iPhone models. In one case it was an iPhone XS, in another an iPhone 11, and in a third an iPhone 12. We in the editorial team didn’t notice anything on any iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, or iPhone 14 Pro Max (we have several of them).

At this point, therefore, it’s not easy to determine where the bug occurred and whether people are only encountering it on older models, or whether it was a coincidence in this case. However, we have never had so many complaints about malfunctioning autocorrect settings in the past. After the article was published, other people joined us in the comments on Facebook to confirm the problem.

So if you are also experiencing this problem and even restarting your iPhone didn’t help, the only thing we can recommend at this point is to wait. Apple is already testing the iOS 17.4.1 patch update, which could be available to all users within the next week. Hopefully, this annoying issue will be resolved.

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