Apple is going to introduce a brand new iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9 (as some sources suggest) early this year, which should bring high performance at a reasonable price tag.

iPhone SE 2 Design

What will the iPhone SE 2 look like? That’s the most frequent question from our readers. Let’s see what we know.

Design will be based on the iPhone 8, as has been announced several times. However, when creating the renders, we tried to keep up with Apple’s current trend. So we took the iPhone 11/11 Pro and added elements from these models to the original design of the Model 8.

iphone se 2 inphographics
iPhone SE 2: How it will look? We made renders.

Something about the display

We do not expect any changes from the front. There will only be two color combinations of the display. Black and the other white, as was the case with the model 8. The display itself will run on conventional LCD technology and will offer a resolution of 1334×750 px, which together make up 326 ppi (such a resolution as 6.1-inch iPhone 11).

Like all current models, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to lose the 3D Touch feature that the „8“ model had. After long testing, however, we can say that we don’t miss it at all and Haptic Touch works absolutely reliable.

What else can change is the Touch ID. Of course, the sensor will still remain and will be in the Home Button. Apple, has moved to a simpler and cheaper optical scanning technology in MacBook Pro 16″. It may be applied here. This is only a theory, and in the end it may not be true.

iPhone SE 2 design

We expect no dramatic changes here. We already know that the product will be available in three variations. The first one will be black and the second will be white (or silver).

Of course, the side frame will be made of aluminum as before and combined with plastic components that take care of the separation of individual antennas in the device.

iPhone SE 2 PRODUCT (red)
iPhone SE 2 (PRODUCT) Red –

The shiny glass remains on the back. The iPhone 8 had it and all newer models have it. We find it as a very nice solution and we are not against it at all.

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The change should occur with logo placement. iPhone 8 logo was on the top of the device, but following the model of 11 and 11 Pro, it could move to the center. „iPhone“ sign should disappear from the back.

The main change will be in the camera

Apple will need to redesign the camera. Lens will of course continue to be of high quality. Some say it will come from the iPhone 8, some say that from the iPhone 11, we will wait for the final statement (but we are inclined to the second option). The lens fitting itself might look just like on a newer model.

It would give the phone a modern and timely feel. Also, the device would acquire an absolutely unique characteristic feature. We placed it horizontally in our visualizations. This is, of course, because the iPhone 8 had the same layout and we do not assume that its successor will have it differently.

iphone se 2 silver
iPhone SE 2 Silver –

iPhone SE 2 and its high performance

We already know quite a bit about the next year’s available iPhone. Technically, it will offer the Apple A13 Bionic chip and 4 GB RAM. This processor is currently the world’s most powerful in mobile devices. It is therefore not surprising that this model will be ready to serve the owner for 3-4 years.

As for the battery, we do not expect extreme improvement here. Maybe Apple adds an extra hour to evoke interest in the eyes of users. But it only gets thanks to a powerful processor, not a larger battery. Its capacity should remain approximately the same. Support for wireless and fast charging should be a matter of course.

iPhone SE 2 black
iPhone SE 2 Black –

When will the iPhone SE 2 go on sale?

It is not easy to answer this question, but many analysts agree that it should be early next year. As Apple is expected to introduce up to 5 new iPhone models in 2020, it probably can’t be at any other time. Specifically, the end of March is inflected. Some sources from the past, however, said that the phone could be introduced even earlier.

Of course, this will be a strategic step for Apple. Introducing the device at the beginning of the year, which is also available and literally perfect for those who did not want the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, will mean more sales in this ever weaker period. By the first half of 2020, Apple is expected to sell 20,000,000 pieces of the iPhone SE 2. It will be a big sales hit and will not only bring more profits but also a higher shareholder value.

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What will be the price of iPhone SE 2

And finally, the answer to the most important question. The price of the iPhone SE 2. Although we do not know this information exactly, we can assume it from the current pricing policy of the iPhones.

The result is that the basic 64GB model could start on the market for as little as $ 399. If a customer wanted a 128GB version, it would probably cost $ 449-499 $.

To sum up, the iPhone SE 2 will be such a reasonable smartphone for good money. No one gets excited or offended. Maybe that’s why it will be a popular model. Are you looking forward?

iPhone SE 2 all models
iPhone SE 2: How it will look? We made renders. –
iphone SE 2 front
iPhone SE 2 displej –
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