Following the release of the iOS 16 operating system at WWDC 2022, speculation began that there were hints of the always-on display that the iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to bring in September.

And while the aforementioned information is pretty conclusive, we can’t rely on it one hundred percent. Anyway, there are other evidences that theoretically confirm the presence of always-on technology.

One in particular was taken care of by a Twitter user who goes by the name „A14“. spotted a short five-second video on the social network that shows the strange behavior of the lock screen in iOS 16 beta 1 after he activates it.

First, the clock, widgets, date and also the lock icon appear in grayed-out form, and when you click the side button, the display lights up in full colors. This is exactly how an always-on display should work.

Bug or forgotten feature? 

„I don’t know if it’s a bug or a hint towards AOD, But I’ve noticed it a few times now when I’ve charged my device at night and woke it up in the morning…“ – adds the author of the video to his Twitter post.

Apple iphone always on ios 16 iphone 14 2022
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It is not yet clear for what reason this is happening, but the explanation may be quite simple. Since iOS 16 beta 1 is full of bugs and flaws, the iPhone simply can’t work the way it should, which leads us to all sorts of hasty conclusions.

Either way, though, it’s worth remembering that if the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max bring an always-on display, Apple must already be testing it in iOS 16. Oh, and these could theoretically be the leftovers from that testing. Let’s be surprised.

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