Many people write us every day and sometimes the problems are really interesting. Michal wrote us yesterday to share his „funny“ experience. He bought a brand new device and was really surprised after opening it. This is what our reader found in the iPhone 11 Pro Max packaging.

This is what Michal found in his iPhone 11 Pro Max packaging.

Apple usually does not make cheap mistakes and checks every packaging of its products before leaving the factory. The chance of fault is almost zero. Yet it has now happened – our reader Michal brought home his brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max and was happy to unpack it. Everything went well until he dug deeper into the accessories compartment.

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You may not even notice where the problem is ath the first sight. Everything lays on its place. There is a charger, cable, EarPods or paper with the necessary instructions. So why do we write about it.

Now draw your attention to the Lightning cable. Notice its ending. Yes, it’s a classic USB-A that comes with the iPhone 11 and its 5W adapter.

Toto našiel v balení iPhonu 11 Pro Max náš fanúšik. Ako je to vôbec možné? -
Check the lightning cable ending carefully –

The new iPhone 11 Pro as well as the 11 Pro Max offer a specific 18W charging adapter for faster charging. However, it is obligatory to use cable with USB-C ending. No one knows why only in this case. Such a solution is quite strange today. On the other hand, what happened to Michael is even more strange.

Imagine that situation somewhere in a Chinese factory where the equipment is produced. There are various production lines. The one that stores everything in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is probably somewhere else than the one that does this for the smaller model 11, from where the cable comes from. We can not even imagine how is it logistically possible. We can just say – it happens.

Michal has already contacted the store where he bought the device. Anyone else can come across this. As we said above, the chance almost does not exist, but it is possible.

In such a case, however, do not unpack the cable. This will give you a better chance of making a claim and will also avoid accusations of replacing it with an old one (although you may not avoid it).

Toto našiel v balení iPhonu 11 Pro Max náš fanúšik. Ako je to vôbec možné? -
Michal was really surprised when he saw his new iPhone 11 Pro Max accessory. –


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